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Step into your special day with the perfect attire from Bella Sera’s designer tuxedo and suit collection. From the timeless elegance of classic tuxedos to the daring edge of fashion-forward designs, our range caters to a wide array of tastes and occasions including weddings, black tie, and prom.

Every Bella Sera Bride who purchases a wedding dress will also receive a free tuxedo or suit rental for their groom when registering a wedding party of 6 or more. You will also receive a discount on groomsmen’s tuxedos/suits.

The Tuxedo Rental Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should have your tuxedo/suit picked out 12 weeks prior to the wedding. This way if you have any groomsmen that need to be measured, it will give them time to do so. They should be measured at any Sarno location that is closest to them, and you’ll want all measurements submitted 6 weeks to a month prior to the wedding. If someone is later than this, we can accommodate rushes, but it’s best to try to square everything away earlier.

Bella Sera is a part of the Tuxedo by Sarno network that is nationwide. If you have groomsmen in various states, they can be measured at a network store and have their orders placed and ready for pickup at our location for your event date. We will take care of the backend logistics for you! Please call our store for guidance on where to obtain your measurements.

You should rent your tuxedo for prom a month prior to the event. If you are later than that, we can accommodate rushes, but it’s best to try to square everything away earlier.

We ask that you come to Bella Sera to get your measurements taken by a professional. This ensures a great fit. If you live out of state, you may go to any local Sarno retailer and have your measurements taken. We will receive your measurements from that retailer.

Your bridal party can get measured at any Sarno retailer across the country, and we will then receive their tux order for pick up at Bella Sera.

We do have an assortment of suits and tuxedos for sale.

You do not need an appointment to try tuxedos and suits. If you are coming with your wedding party, we ask that you make an appointment so that we can guarantee rooms to try them on.

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